Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Gwen and Elle passed out Valentines in their classes today. Here is Gwen's. It's too cute. That really is Gwennie's profile and she felt so excited to pass them out.
I'm having a hard time uploading the cute little card Elle passed out but will get that figured out in the morning.
This morning we gave our sweet neighbors a heart-attack on their door. I have the cutest pictures that I need to upload. Gwen had a preschool performance and party that was adorable. Elle had a valentine lunch exchange at school. (she pulled her teacher's name out of the hat and got to prepare her teacher's lunch. Wow, was she ever excited!) and after school she went to a friend's valentine party. We had dinner as a family and after Jonnie got all 3 girls showered , into their jammies for bed and read them a story. That's was the best gift EVER!
A busy and Happy day.

valentines from here