Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Biker Chicks

We took Gwen's training wheels off again. I say "again" because she actually learned how to ride without them quite some time ago but Jon put them back on her bike to "slow her down". She's our daredevil and it was flat out dangerous. The training wheels are off now for good and she couldn't be happier. She really has no fear. It's scary and amusing all at the same time. Elle was her voice of reason and took her around the paths in our neighborhood this afternoon as they were waiting for lily to wake up from her nap and for me to load up the car. Every morning they put their bathing suits on in hopes that I will take them to the beach or the pool. We hit the pool this afternoon. Their outfits are crazy and I'm also just now noticing their little baggies of animal crackers they have with them- so darn cute.