Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day, Hooray!

Elle had her first day of Kindergarten today.  I can not believe it!  We have been preparing for this day for weeks.  The backpack and lunch box were crucial.  She looked online with me for the perfect one and finally settled on this cute pink and white polk-a-dot one with a matching lunch box.  I think the tipping point was when she found out we could have her name embroidered on it in green.  Sold!  I walked her to the door this morning with Lily and Gwen in tow.  We all stood at her door as the kids lined up.  Her teacher, Miss B., came out and said, "O.K. kindergartners, blow your moms a big kiss".  It was so cute to see.  Gwen couldn't stop waving to her and kept yelling, "bye, Elle" and in they went.  I picked her up today and asked how her first day went and how she liked her teacher.  She said, "16 thumbs up, mama".  So I guess today was a success.   

Gwen also had a first day.  She goes to a one day a week preschool.  She feels very grown-up and just like Elle, her lunch box is a big deal.  Hello Kitty is all the rage with this one.  They also get little red buckets to use instead of backpacks.  Gwen's teacher is Miss Carla and she loves her.  I dropped her off and she found that 3 of her favorite little friends are in her class.  Off to the craft table she went and yelled a big, "bye mom"!!  

I am so happy that they are happy.  That's all you really want as a mom.  Such a simple thing but it's amazing how great it is to see your kids with smiles.  So, here's to a great school year!