Monday, June 28, 2010

Center Stage

Today was the dress rehearsal for the girls' big ballet recital. No photos are allowed the night of the performance so today I made sure I had my camera. It was pretty much a nightmarish morning for me sitting on the theatre floor with Lily who had missed her nap and is teething, Gwen who constantly was complaining about her itchy leotard only to take it completely off (tights and all) just as they were calling her dance to get on stage and I must not forget the spilled family-size bag of pretzel sticks in the dark compliments of a McGee girl who shall remain unnamed. To sum it up, we were a mess. With all of the craziness however, once the girls had their turns on the stage they were in heaven. Both of them beamed. Sadly I did not get a photo of Elle onstage because of the circumstances described above but she was adorable and so sweet. I will have to sneak one of her on Wednesday night. I did happen to get this photo of Gwenners. Now you can see why I put up with all of the "crazy". It is totally worth it.