Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Water Baby

After the whole cream cheese fiasco (see below) it was definitely time for miss Gwenners to get sprayed off in the sink.  This little girl LOVES the water.  Her favorite thing to do is play in the shower.  However, after today, I think she will now have a new favorite water activity.

Crazy Girl

Let me tell you, this little one is into everything!  I ran upstairs just to switch the wash and came down to this lovely little situation.  She even pulled the chair over by herself.  Gwen gave herself a cream cheese rub down and used a carrot peeler from the drawer as a spoon...and she's not even two yet.  Good thing I love this little one more than life itself because instead of completely stressing out over this mess, all I could do was get my camera and then put her in the kitchen sink for a quick bath.  I sure love my little crazy girl.