Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Big Day

We showed up at the hospital this morning at 5:45 a.m.  Gwen was prepped and ready for surgery on her elbow.  We ended up having to wait 2 hours while the hospital tried to locate cherry flavoring for her medicine.  What?!  Since she couldn't have any liquids we couldn't mix it in with juice (my brilliant idea).  Needless to say she was lucky she had her daddy there to entertain her.  Jon is amazing at laytex glove balloons, a hidden talent of his.  They took her off to the operating room and returned an hour or so later.  Turns out, they did not need to operate.  They took her bright pink cast off and used a machine to manipulate her elbow around and realized that her joint was in place just fine.  This is the second time she has avoided this surgery.  Hooray!  They re-casted her and sent her on her way.  When Jon and I were called back to the recovery room, there she was all bundled up in warm blankets sipping apple juice with a nurse.  When she saw us she said, "mommy, dadda"!  Those words never get old.  She then wanted her daddy to hold her (Gwen is a daddy's girl through and through.  True love I tell you).  And despite making the doctor write a special note on her surgery papers (for real) to remember the pink fiberglass, this morning they could not find pink.  Obviously not a pediatric hospital; no cherry syrup flavoring and only neutral cast white it is.  We are now home and miss gwenners is watching The Tigger Movie on TV snuggled in on the couch.  Another happy day.