Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday, Elle!

My Elle turned 8 years old.  Hard to believe.  Turning 8 is a big deal in our family because that means you get to be baptized. Elle's baptism is next Saturday. She is beyond excited and ready.  I took her out tonight, just the 2 of us, to take some pictures to remember this special birthday. The sunlight on the hill was so beautiful.  We had so much fun together.  I absolutely adore this little girl.  I often tell her that she is "my dream/wish that came to life".  That always puts a smile on her face (and it's true!) It is so amazing to watch her grow-up right before my eyes.  The picture with her walking up the dirt path makes me tear up.  I just look at my sweet girl and that picture just makes me think of all of the LIFE she has ahead of her.  As her mom, I want only the best and sweetest things in life for her.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out.  I am one lucky mama to get to call this one, mine.  
I love you, Ellers.  Happy Birthday.