Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Salad Bowl

When Elle was little she would get out the salad bowl just to sit in it.  Jon thought of the great idea to slide her across our kitchen floor while she was in the bowl.  She would just laugh and laugh and laugh.  Elle can't fit into the salad bowl anymore but it is the perfect size now for Gwen.  The other night after dinner, we put Gwen in that same bowl and played the same game with her that we used to play with Elle.  She loved it too and her giggle as she was sliding across the wood floors was priceless.  The top two pictures above are of Elle at about the same age Gwen is now.  The bottom two are of Gwen.  I never think they look much alike but now that I put these four photos together, I realize how similar these two little sisters look. Too cute.