Wednesday, February 9, 2011

French Toast

Yesterday Gwen was grumpy. I mean, really grumpy. I was trying to get her to preschool and she was just not cooperating. Everything was going wrong in her opinion and she was completely irrational. She hated her outfit, her shoes were itchy, the lunch I packed was gross, she thought Lily was being mean, it was just one of those days. I put her into the car and she was still crying. I finally pulled the car over, turned around and said, "gwenners. what's going on today. you can tell me." She crossed her arms, rolled her eyes and said, "you really want to know? are you sure? cause i'll tell you." I reassured her that yes, I REALLY wanted to know. She looked at me, started crying even harder and said,
"you NEVER, EVER make me french toast!"
I couldn't help but smile (which didn't help things) because I had NO IDEA where that thought was coming from. She has never in her life asked for french toast. I would make it for her but it's just never come up. It was so random. So I said, "oh that IS pretty sad. OK, I'll make you a deal, if you calm down and bring the happy Gwen back I'll make you french toast tomorrow for breakfast." It worked. She was then totally fine. Her 4 year old mind was relieved.
And guess what my Gwenners got for breakfast this morning...French Toast.