Saturday, March 23, 2013


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My kitchen table and chairs have been bothering me for a while.  I had a few ideas I was thinking of doing.  What I really wanted was a farmhouse table and white chairs.  That would have been a pricey endeavor so I thought to switch it and have natural chairs and a white table.  I have decided lots and lots of things for our home even though I know they won't happen for a while.  It's just my creative outlet to decorate my home, even if it is, at times, just in my head.  When chatting with friends I'll always talk about what I'm hoping to do...someday. 

Well, this year for my birthday, my friends surprised me. They got together and they bought me the  chairs they knew I had been saving for! We all went to dinner and when I came home, the chairs were in my kitchen waiting for me.  Seriously.  What?!  Who does that?  I was so excited that I started to cry.  For real, I did.  Thank you to Christy, Stacey, Sara, Marlene, Elizabeth, Becki, Lizzy and Nicole.
(lizzy and becki we missed you at dinner!)  This picture below was the night of my birthday.  I am so blessed to have such amazing, kind and generous friends.  I don't look at my table and chairs without thinking of these amazing friends. 

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I had the chairs and then my table was still black.  It looked fine but then my friend Stacey called me and said that she was getting her kitchen cabinets sprayed white and they were also going to spray her kitchen table as well.  She ended up deciding to do something else with her table so she called me and said, "drop your kitchen table off at my house.  it's getting sprayed."
Again, I cried.  And I'm not even "a crier"!!  It was such an unexpected surprise...the whole situation.
So now, every time I look at my cute little kitchen nook I just think of my beautiful, generous friends.  They are an amazing group of women and I am so thankful they are in my life.
I am blessed.

As for how everything turned out, I LOVE it.  It's so much more, "me".  The way the chairs and table were before was nice and I think, tasteful,  but it really didn't reflect the 'look' that I love.  I feel like the whole downstairs flows a bit more smoothly now.  I'm happy.