Friday, May 4, 2012

Want to Play Babies?

Every morning after we get Elle off to school, Gwen looks at Lily and says, "hey, you want to play babies?"  Lily ALWAYS says yes and the two run off. 
They literally do this 7 days a week.  On the weekend Elle happily joins the "mommy party".  They do not mess around.  Aprons are a must.  We have a few sets and they love them.  The girls are WORKING very hard out there.  Cooking food, making bottles, getting fussy babies to sleep.  It goes on for hours.  They have little rocking chairs set out, cribs, highchairs, toddler beds for the older dolls.  It's quite the production.  I think it is the sweetest thing ever.  Gwen's preschool doesn't start until 11:30 so my little lily still has a friend to play with all morning.  
Those little dolls of theirs are the luckiest babies in the world to have such cute mommies.