Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Room

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  Christmas is my very favorite holiday and we're getting so excited.  Just 4 more sleeps!  We started decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving.  Without question, the favorite thing the girls take out of our Christmas boxes are their Santa Sheets.  I've taken this photo almost every year and here is my lily jumping on her Christmas bed.  Last Christmas she was in a crib so this was the first year for her to have Santa Sheets.  Elle moved into Lily's room so we had to get another set.
They get to pick out their own Christmas trees for their bedrooms every year.  At night with the lights on them, it looks so magical.  I close their doors at night so each morning when I come in to wake them, the smell of pine is incredible.  There's nothing like real pine trees.  I'm hoping these sights, smells and sounds of Christmas are being soaked up into their little minds. You only get one childhood.  

Christmas Kitchen

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White Christmas

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The jingle bells on red velvet ribbon we put on each stocking are the girls' favorite addition this year.  And just like every other Pinterest reading mom out there, I put our tree in a basket.  The cowhide bowl next to the basket is filled with our favorite Christmas picture books.  

Santa Wreath

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 A subtle hint for Santa to stop at our home