Sunday, April 20, 2008


I got Elle and Gwen dressed and put them on my bed to watch cartoons while I finished getting all of our things together before we headed out the door...Elle to preschool and Gwen to run errands with me.  I noticed it was quiet and that is usually NOT a good thing.  I quietly looked in the bedroom and saw the two of them laying with each other on the bed.  Elle had her hand around Gwen and Gwen was awake!  Usually she is jumping up and down or gets off the bed and goes and takes all of my shoes out of the closet.  But not this time.  Elle was gently stroking Gwen's little peach fuzz hair.  As much as I wanted a picture, I didn't dare go in the room because I knew Gwen would get up and the moment would be lost.  I finished getting everything together and went in to scoop them up to get them into the car and Gwen was sound asleep...hours before her normal nap time.  Elle was so proud of her mothering skills.  In her words, she said she had "loved-her" to sleep.  It melted my heart.  Since wen was now asleep, it was safe to get my camera out to capture the moment.