Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Dresses

Before hopping into the car for church, I made the girls pose in front of our front door in their new Easter dresses. I can't even count the number of pictures I have taken of the girls in front of this door over the years. Looking at this picture, I am struck by how grown-up they are all looking. I think of myself with a little baby and little girls but there's not a baby in sight in this picture! Where is the time going? I love these 3 girls more than I ever imagined I could love anything or anyone. It really is unreal the amount of love you have for your kids. The second picture is so sweet to me. Although it looks like Elle is pointing to a stucco wall, there is a little tree just outside of the frame where they spotted a little bird. It was so cute how Elle wanted to make sure her sisters could see that little bird before we headed out. I want to freeze them just like this.