Friday, April 4, 2008


Last night Elle had her first sleepover.  She spent the night at her friend Brinley's house.  Elle was absolutely thrilled!  She decided it was important to take her "monkey suitcase" and packed all of her favorite things in it.  She was set on including her toothbrush, Dora the Explorer toothpaste, a comb and a tiny little cup from her play kitchen so that she could use it to get water from the sink after she brushed her teeth (so particular!).  She continued to pack her suitcase full with her blanket and a book she wanted read to her before bed.  Brinley's mom, Christy, came and picked her up and off she went.  The house was a lot quieter without her here and Jon and I missed her (a lot) but she did not miss us a bit.  I guess that's how it should be.  She had the time of her life. Christy sent over the photo of them all snuggled up before bed.  I am so happy she has such a sweet little friend to grow up with.