Sunday, March 2, 2008

We Are Learning

Today at church, I ran across Elle's Primary teacher in the hall.  She told me that Elle was having a hard day and was not listening and following directions.  Elle definitely has her moments at home with me but at school and other places with adults, she is usually very attentive and is a pleaser.  I went into her class and there she was sitting next to the teacher.  I took her to our car for a little time out in her carseat.  She did not like that at all!  I then returned her back to her class.  After church we had a talk about it.  This whole parenting thing can be tricky...knowing how to correctly handle all the different situations you find yourself in. Elle and I decided together that it would be nice to write an apology note to her teacher and to deliver it to her at her house.  I couldn't believe how excited Elle was to do this for her. She sat at her desk for a very long time and colored pictures for her and then even "wrote" her own note while saying out loud everything she was writing (scribbling).  We then picked a flower from our yard and put the note I helped her with, her note and a bag of peanut butter crackers (that Elle insisted on including) into a bag.  We drove it all to her teacher's home.  Elle knocked on her door and gave her teacher a big hug and said she was sorry.  This is not the first incident of having to apologize nor will it be the last.  My hope however, is that all of these little experiences will add up and that she will learn from them.