Monday, April 21, 2008

Princess Hair

Every night Jon and I play a shuffling "game" with the girls.  I am usually finishing dinner dishes while he takes the girls to the bath.  Just about the time I finish the dinner dishes, Gwen is done with her bath and jon passes her off to me all wet and wrapped like a piggy in her towel. (I could just kiss her little cheeks off!) I get Gwen into her jammies while Jon finishes with Elle.  Jon and I would make a great relay is like clock work now.  Tonight after Gwen was ready to get passed to Jon to put her in her crib, I walked into our bathroom and saw what is pictured above.  How cute is that?  But the cutest thing about it is that it is a normal occurrence.  He brushes out Elle's tangles and then blow dries her hair.  She always complains that I can't make her hair as soft as daddy can.  It's true...I don't have the patience to blow her hair out.  After he does her hair, she runs her fingers through it and calls it her princess hair. I often forget how young Elle is.  She is only 3!  The majority of my day is spent talking with her.  She is quite the conversationalist and follows me around the house just chatting away.  When I look at these pictures and see her sucking her thumb in her "jammie dress" (nightgown) I am reminded how young she really is.  I don't want to forget this time with her. Before I can blink she will be grown and I will want to turn the clock back and see her in our bathroom sucking her cute little thumb while her daddy combs her hair.