Friday, November 19, 2010

The Little Things

Here's my pie-pie diving for toys. She has been known to fall completely in and get stuck with her legs straight up in the air. Luckily I have been close by on those occasions to rescue her. I can't stand how big she is getting. Such a big girl these days. While driving today I was reaching my hand back for Elle to hand me something and Lily (whose carseat is directly behind the drivers seat) grabbled my finger with her little hand. It was totally unexpected and unbelievably adorable. She had my finger grasped so tightly and each time I pulled my hand back she would start to cry. I couldn't let go. I drove like that for the rest of my carpool run. It was just too cute. Being surrounded by little kids all day everyday is tiring but so rewarding. Little things like chubby little feet sticking straight out of our toy bucket and driving around with my baby's hand tightly holding mine are exactly the things I never, ever want to forget.