Monday, April 29, 2013


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Love just isn't a strong enough word for the way I feel about these girls.  I am so blessed to have these 3 calling me mommy.  They're growing up faster than I would like.  I literally sometimes feel a panic come over me that it's all just going by too quickly.  Things have changed a lot in the past year.  They're getting older and are at school longer and have activities.  Gone are the days of me just hanging out at our home with my babies.  I miss that A LOT.  Nighttimes are filled with swim team, dance and homework assignments.  I used to be able to just play with them all day and then I could write about it here on this blog.  I've been terrible at baby books and so this blog is where I can log my memories of my girls at all of the different stages they have been in.  I still get to play with them but finding the time to write about it is getting more and more scarce.  I think of all of the things I love about them daily and don't want to forget.  Today I decided to write my top 3 favorite things about the girls right now.  I could just bottle them up right now just as they are.  They make me happy and I love them more than they'll ever know.
 Elle, Gwen and Lily - my hope is that one day when you're older you'll read my words and know that your mom loved and adored you - from the beginning.


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Top 3 things I'm loving about you right now:
  • I LOVE your voice.  It's incredibly cute right now.  When you mean to say "because" you always say "tocause" and I never correct you - it's just too cute.  When you ask to snuggle in my bed I'll say, "why? are you having a bad dream?" and you'll reply, "no, it's just tocause I love you."  How can I resist that?  I pull you up next to me every time.
  • I love how before bed every night you say, "what do I have in the morning?"  No matter how I answer that question you always get so happy and excited about the next day and say, "Yay!"
  • I love that after we go to swimming lessons on Fridays you always get excited to go to "rocco's".  It's our routine to go to LaRocco's pizza together every Friday.  Just the 2 of us and it's my highlight too.  


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Top 3 things I'm loving about you right now:
  • I love how every morning I find you in bed with your little sister, Lily.  You told me that when Lily wakes up she says, "Gigi, will you snuggle me?"  It's so cute to see you being a big sister.
  • I love how you quote lines from TV shows and movies during the day. It's always hilarious and your timing is incredible.  You crack me up every single day.
  • I love how you get so excited about how you're growing up.  You often yell to me to watch you grab a glass out of the cupboard and make sure that I am noticing that you are NOT on your tippy toes.  


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Top 3 things I'm loving about you right now:
  •  I love your sweet notes you leave me all over the house including on my bed at night with directions as to what time you would like me to wake you and the "agenda" for our next morning.  It's pretty cute.
  • I love how much you love reading Biographies.  Every single week during school library that's what type of book you choose to bring home and then you are enthralled until it's time to choose a new one.  Right now you're reading a biography about Neal Armstrong.  You read the biography on Elvis Presley in one night and then asked for me to let you listen to his music - you loved it!
  • I love driving in the car when it's just the two of us.  You love to turn the music up and have taught me little routines that we do while driving to your favorite songs.