Monday, June 23, 2008

We Heart Noggin

Elle slept-in this morning which gave me some fun time with Miss Gwen.  She loves to sit up on the stool and watch the music videos from Noggin on the computer.  I love how excited she gets each time the song changes.  She laughs, claps and dances by wiggling back and forth on the stool.  I am starting to get glimpses of her cute little personality.  Every day she seems to be so much more expressive.  I often think about how short this time is that my girls will be so little. It is a lot of work and would be so easy to wish it away.   I don't want to do that.  I want to really be present for them.  I know she won't be little forever so I want to enjoy all of the little and simple moments just like this.  I love this little girl.  


Elle couldn't sleep last night because she was so excited.  This morning was the first day of her dance class.  My friend Julie has a two week dance camp.  She teaches in her garage and has all of the neighborhood girls over to twirl and sing and of course more twirling (Elle's favorite ballet move).  Julie taught the class last summer too and Elle was in heaven.  Elle LOVES to dance.  Even when commercials come on the TV with music, she and Gwen both hop off the couch and dance.  A big thank you to Julie for loving Elle and being so sweet with her.