Friday, March 19, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Jon is preparing for big mountain bike race in the morning called Vision Quest. Not one part of it sounds fun to me but he is really excited. With work and family life being a little crazy lately, he hasn't been able to train as much as he would have liked but he's going for it. This afternoon he has been checking and re-checking all of his gear. I went out into the garage and found Gwen and her daddy working on their bikes just like this. The cutest thing is that she thought of this idea all on her own. Jon said she just pulled her bike up next to his and went to work. Gwenners has always been 100% a daddy's girl. Whenever she gets hurt it's her daddy that she wants to comfort her. I usually have to call him on his cell phone and as soon as she hears his voice she calms right down. There is nothing sweeter in my opinion than watching him with our girls.