Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter Bedroom

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Lily is now out of her crib and shares a room with Gwen.  When she realized she was a big girl now and got to have an Easter Tree in her bedroom she was soo excited.  As soon as the box of Easter decorations came out of the garage the two of them grabbed the tree and ornaments and ran up to their bedroom to decorate it.  It's something so small and simple but to little girls it's a BIG deal.  I think the little wooden egg ornaments on their tree were moved about 1,000 times over the past few weeks.  There's even a big crack in the pot because of it tipping over so many times but I don't care a bit.  That was the whole purpose of this little tree.  It's theirs and they can play with it as much as they like.  

Easter Tree and Bunnies

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I absolutely love Easter decorations.  I never tire of them and hate when it's time to put them away.  I spotted these little cement bunnies at an antique shop and fell in love.  They weren't very much and I really wanted both but purchased just one of them.  My friend Christy was with me and later in the week she went back to the store and surprised me by buying the 2nd bunny and dropping it off at my house.  Aren't they so cute?  I love them and now they'll always remind me of my friend as well.  

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  The girls helped me decorate our Easter Tree in the front room this year.  We've collected little ornaments for it over the years and their favorites are the little cards with their initials on them.  They each get to place their initial card wherever they want and put a lot of thought and effort into it.  

Egg Hunt

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The egg hunt in the backyard was cute.  They were each trying to find "their own eggs", the ones each of them had dyed.  Elle was sweet and helped Lily find eggs and Gwen's face shows exactly how excited she was.  

Easter Morning

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Before the girls went to bed on "Easter Eve", they put out carrots for the Easter Bunny.  Gwen was contemplating what beverage to leave for the bunny.  She couldn't decide between milk, water or juice. After thoughtful contemplation she decided water would be the best.  In keeping with tradition, the girls also got to put on the Easter Pajamas.  Very exciting :)  
Early in the morning all three of them rushed into our bedroom to wake us up so they could go downstairs.  It really is the most adorable thing to watch them be so excited about finding out what the bunny has left for them.  Lily was screaming with excitement when she saw that the carrots had been nibbled at and the water was gone.  The girls each found their baskets.  The Easter Bunny left them lots of foil wrapped chocolate eggs, jelly beans, a milk chocolate bunny for each of them, pez (of course!) sunglasses and a few other little prizes. They were thrilled.