Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sweet Macy Jane

Meet Macy Jane. My sister Josie had her third baby and first little girl just 7 weeks ago. I was able to meet her and take a few photos of her this past weekend. She is a very lucky girl to be getting Josie for her mama. Congratulations to Josie and Justin on their new arrival. xoxo


Every year for Thanksgiving we go to my sister Megan's home. It's hard to believe that just last Thanksgiving we announced to our family at the dinner table that I was pregnant . Here we are just one year later and I sat at that same table with baby Lily on my lap during dinner. What a year and how thankful I am to have a new member of our family. I love getting together with my family every Thanksgiving. This year we had a smaller group but it was still fun. I love that my kids were able to spend time with their cousins and I loved being able to hang out with my sisters. My sister Josie had a baby girl just 7 weeks ago. I was able to meet sweet Baby Macy and my sisters were able to meet my Baby Lily for the first time. We ate a lot, played a lot, ate some more, swam, jumped on the trampoline, shopped, went to a random petting zoo and ghost town, watched numerous "shows" that the kids put on and caught up on eachothers' lives. Megan and her husband Roger were soo gracious to put up with so many house guests and for that I am so grateful. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and I did not take one photo of it. I even loved the 4 hour drive. We left late (both ways) so our girls would sleep the whole way. Jon and I had 4 hours of uninterrupted time together to just talk. That was a treat in itself. It was a wonderful week and I can't wait until next year. Happy Thanksgiving!!