Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cherie N' Me

We were walking back to our car after dinner and Elle yelled, "Mom, come here!"  She was looking in a shop window.  Remember now, she is only 3.  I walked back and asked her what she needed.  She said, "Mom, isn't that the most beautiful lamp in the world!"  Ahhh, my heart sang!  When I had Elle, not only did I get a little girl, but I got a girl who loves all things "girl". She will flip through my home magazines and find her favorite page.  It really is so cute.  When I was a little girl, every time we would go into the mall, I loved going into a shop called "Cherie N' Me".  I would tell my mom that while she did her shopping throughout the mall, she could just leave me in that store.  It was a home store and I would just stand inside and  dream that someday I could have a bedroom that looked like that store.  As a little girl, I thought it was the most beautiful store in the world.  I have always loved all things to do with interior design.  I could read and study about it all day long...and never tire of it.  The lamp Elle is sitting next to is not the one she saw in the store window, but it is a favorite of mine.  It is from an online french antique boutique called French Blue and Co.  The owner of this online shop, Janet, used to have an antique boutique (say that 3x's fast) here in San Clemente...I frequented the store so often (the marble top dresser Elle is sitting on came from her shop too) that Janet and I became friends.  She now has this amazing website.  Check it out!