Monday, April 29, 2013


 photo april14-1_zps51dd18be.jpg

Top 3 things I'm loving about you right now:
  • I LOVE your voice.  It's incredibly cute right now.  When you mean to say "because" you always say "tocause" and I never correct you - it's just too cute.  When you ask to snuggle in my bed I'll say, "why? are you having a bad dream?" and you'll reply, "no, it's just tocause I love you."  How can I resist that?  I pull you up next to me every time.
  • I love how before bed every night you say, "what do I have in the morning?"  No matter how I answer that question you always get so happy and excited about the next day and say, "Yay!"
  • I love that after we go to swimming lessons on Fridays you always get excited to go to "rocco's".  It's our routine to go to LaRocco's pizza together every Friday.  Just the 2 of us and it's my highlight too.