Friday, February 1, 2013

Girly Girls

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For Christmas Santa brought the girls these adorable dolls.  Elle's is a snorkeling doll, Gwen's is a ballerina and Lily's is a princess.  Santa must really know them.  They can't get enough of them. It's the one "toy" I never mind buying because they really never tire of them.  The American Girl dolls that Santa brought last year are also just as much fun to them (that's gwen's AG doll in the top picture).  Even my 8 year old Elle will play "babies" (as they refer to it) for hours.
There is no lack of pink, dollies, kitchen toys or the like around here.  Lily had a little boy over for a playdate and the first thing she said when he walked in the door was, "hey, you wanna play babies?"
I wouldn't change a thing.