Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bobbi's Funeral

Bobbi's funeral was beautiful. A funny word to use when describing a funeral but that is how I felt about it. It was amazing to be in a room filled with so much love. Everyone that was there was there because they loved my grandma...their grandma, their mom, their aunt, their sister, their friend. I was so happy to have my girls with me. I was worried they would be afraid at the viewing but I explained in detail everything about the day before we arrived. It was actually a great experience for them. The room was filled with so much love. I whispered to Elle and Gwen to look all around them. I then told them that they were related to everyone in the room. Their eyes got big and they both smiled. My cousin Casey said a few nice words and offered a prayer and then Chief was able to say his last good-bye before they closed the casket. That part had everyone in the room in tears. As a family we all walked into the Chapel for the funeral. My dad and his two sisters spoke and all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren sang a song. 16 Grandchildren and 37 Great Grandchildren. Amazing. My brother-in-law Ben worked through the night to letterpress all of the funeral programs. They were beautiful.

We then drove to the cemetery where Bobbi's grave sits right next to her mother and father's. The 7 grandsons including my brother, Jake were the pallbearers. My Uncle Craig said a prayer and dedicated her gravesite. Gwen and Elle stood on either side of chief during that part of the service. Sweet little Gwen was so worried about Chief. She didn't take her eyes off of him and kept patting his hand. It was really a special day. I had a renewed love for my grandma. Her whole life revolved around the importance of family. I miss her so much already but am grateful for the knowledge that Families really are Forever and that I will see her again.