Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elle the Cookie Angel

Today I went to Elle's Kindergarten class for their Holiday performance. She was a cookie angel. About a week ago her teacher sent home the blank angel and said to return it to school decorated. Elle loved the feather boa skirt and of course all of the glitter we added to her angel. The performance was adorable. I had Lily and Gwen in tow and Gwen, who is usually quite wiggly, sat mesmerized through the whole performance. I don't think Elle lost eye contact with me once throughout the entire performance. When we got home she said, "mom, why did you look at your purse for a second during my show"? Wow. I will work on being more alert next time. I am so grateful I am able to be at all of her functions. It means the world to her and I get that. Elle's teacher asked me if I could stop by their class tomorrow and take photos. Needless to say, Elle is thrilled. I am not taking all of this for granted. I know sooner than later she will not want me around as much. I am taking it while I can these days.
I love you Elle. You were a beautiful Cookie Angel.