Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree

and to prove that we really did have sleeping baby Lily with us...

I love going to the Christmas tree lot. I love watching my girls play chase through the rows of trees just like I used to with my sisters and brother. We go to the same tree lot each year. Elle and Gwen both remembered where they keep their candy canes and went straight to that spot the minute they hopped out of the car. Lily was sleeping so we left her in her carseat. Shocking I know, but I didn't want to wake her just for a photo. We found a great tree...Noble's are my favorite. The minute we got home Elle and Gwen started getting all of the ornaments out. Our tree is decorated and looks so pretty with all of the white lights. Each time Gwen walks past it she jumps and yells, "merry kismas"!