Sunday, September 20, 2009


My Lily.  I have had this sweet little girl for 7 weeks now.  I still look at her and can't believe she really is mine.  Having Lily here makes things feel more complete.  That may sound funny but it is very true.  Even right after I had Gwen I always knew there was one more little person missing from our family.  I had that feeling often.  Jon and I both knew we wanted another child.  It wasn't a matter of  "if" it was just "when".  It is so nice to have our 3rd little girl here with us.  I look at our 3 girls and I can't believe we did it!  All of those sick pregnant days were more than worth it.  Such a small, small price to pay.  Lily is a sweet little girl.  She is as easy as a baby can be.  She loves to be swaddled tightly and she LOVES that huge hospital pacifier.  No matter how upset she may get, if I swaddle her and hold her in my arms she calms right down.  She is my little sidekick.  I keep her close to me all day and all night.  She smiled at me the other night and it was a little glimpse into her personality.  I loved it.  Lily is a pretty good sleeper too.  We have her in a basinette in our room.  She loves it. She is waking up just once or twice a night for a feeding.  I don't mind it because it is so nice to hold her without anyone else around.  I took these photos of her this morning after Jon gave her a bath. I wish you could package 'clean baby smell'.  There is nothing sweeter.