Friday, March 13, 2009


Can't get this little saying out of my head lately.  My good friend Stacey bought this print to hang in her home and I think it is perfection.  I have spent the last week in doctors offices. Mainly in doctors waiting rooms with a two year old who hasn't had a nap.  This cute little poster has come to my mind often.  I can't wait for situations to be perfect and think, "then I will be happy".  One of the many things lately that makes me happy is how well my baby Gwen is doing.  We saw the burn team yesterday for her road rash and she is healing so well we don't have to go back!  They even presented her with a diploma (seriously).  We meet with the trauma team for her lung x-ray on Tuesday.  She seems to be breathing easily and in no discomfort.  Gwenners loves her bright pink cast and has not fussed for even one minute over it.  After her orthopaedic appointment on Wednesday we were told she needed surgery on her elbow.  Tomorrow morning is the big event.  Her dislocation was pretty severe and the doctor wants to make certain that her joint is perfectly in place.  He was unable to tell from the x-ray that was taken on her last visit.  

I continue to be overwhelmed with the amount of love our family has received and continues to receive.  I am surrounded by amazing friends and family.  I have never felt so blessed and so grateful for the people in my life.  Elle and Gwen each have a little bucket of toys.  Toys that friends and loved ones have dropped by or mailed to us.  How fun is that?!  I teach the 12 year old girls at church and they gave Elle a "heart attack".  While she was at preschool they decorated her room with hearts.... cut out construction paper hearts all over her walls and bed.  The hearts had little love notes on them about how brave she was.  She even had pink and purple balloons in her room. She came home and I told her to run upstairs and get something in her room.  I heard her scream with glee when she got up there.  She said, "mama, I just DO NOT KNOW why people are so nice to me.  I mean I just can't believe how nice people are to me".  Pretty cute.  We have had dinner dropped off at our home every night this week.  Every night.  Elle has gone to friends homes while I am at the doctors' visits with Gwen and even my silly preschool carpool duties have been taken on by these same dear friends.  I want to cry just thinking about how appreciative I am not for just the sweet and thoughtful gifts but mainly for the love and support.  And so many many people united in prayer for our sweet two year old.  I feel so humbled.  That is the only word that comes to my mind.  I want to be better.  I have amazing people all around me that I want to emulate.  This has truly been a learning experience in so many ways.  Countless ways.  I am one blessed and HAPPY mama.