Monday, April 16, 2012

McGee Girls

I love these little McGee Girls. I have very few pictures of all of us together. Actually, I have very few pictures of myself at all with my family. That's what happens when you're the designated photographer in the family. I just don't want these girls to grow up and then wish that I had pictures with them. After church this past Sunday I begged everyone to go to the backyard for "just ONE" picture with me. The first thing the girls usually do the minute we walk in is start taking their dresses and shoes off to change into "cozy clothes". There's always a trail of clothes from our garage door to their bedrooms. They weren't too pleased with this change in routine...I made everyone head straight to the backyard for this one square foot of shade for the picture. You see what it's like living with me? I'm glad we did. Gosh I love them.