Friday, October 28, 2011


On October 1st, Gwen and Elle started begging that we get our Halloween decorations out. It's such a big deal to them that it makes it worth it for me. Yep, pretty much the same as last year. The girls think it's so fun to get all the decorations out and put them in the "correct spots". Lily is loving the Halloween Tree. The ornaments are taken off and on 100 x's a day. It's on our kitchen table and that doesn't stop her. She's a climber. The bird pillows are new. I got them at Z Gallerie of all places. Not usually a store I love but I happened to spot these and they're linen. They were bright which I didn't like but I knew if I washed them enough I could fade them. It worked. I brought them home and washed the covers 4x's in a row (without drying) and they were faded to my liking.
As for Halloween...we are super excited. Our theme is "pink" this year and I can't wait to dress my girls up...
( a very random FYI... check out the "villa mirror" at Z Gallerie. it is really great in person. If I had somewhere to put it, it would be in our home)