Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I switched my lamps around last week. And to make it clear I do not have time for trivial things like this. I know this blog is quiet but my life is not. I do not putter around a quiet house with music playing switching things here and there. It's crazy around here all the time. When the idea hit me to move things around Elle and Gwen both had friends over plus we had 3 neighbor kids over, I was holding Lily and starting to make dinner. Did I wait until a more convenient time? Of course not. I had Elle crawl under the table and unplug the lamp, I had Gwen's friend hold the lamp shade and two more kids upstairs doing the same thing. They were all good sports and quickly ran back out on to our trampoline. Elle did tell me she thought it looked really pretty before she ran off. Thank you for humoring me, Elle.
Do you see what it's like living with me? Embarrassing - I just can't help it.