Wednesday, August 25, 2010

McGee Girls

These three adorable girls are my nieces. Their dad is Jon's brother, Rob. For their mom Linda's birthday, I had them come over to our house to take pictures for her as a surprise. We took lots of pictures and then I put them all in an album for her as a gift. These two pictures were our favorites of the three of them together.

I really love these girls. When Jon and I first got married it seemed like we had them over every other weekend for sleepovers. It was so fun for us. I would also take them out by themselves on little dates. We usually ended up at either Build-a-Bear or Color-Me-Mine. I still think of them as those same little girls even though clearly, they are not so little anymore. We now live super close to them and my girls are lucky for that. They love their very grown-up girl cousins, Sorelle, Juliet and Kandis. I love them too.