Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pictures with Santa

Starting with Elle's first Christmas, I have gone to the mall and stood in line to get my girls' pictures with Santa. I love it. When Elle was little she would always be so excited in the line and then as soon as we would get to the front of the line sheer terror would overcome her. I would put my screaming child on Santa's lap and then say, "just take the picture"! Maybe I am sick but I think the screaming child on Santa's lap is a classic shot. Elle thinks those pictures are hilarious now too. I put all of our Santa pictures in silver frames and display them all together on our front entry table. Our collection is growing. I even have one in the mix from when I was little.
p.s. how cute is that little santa and reindeer? I find those little guys all over our house throughout the day...I think my girls love them too.