Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Yesterday these two sisters really got into it.  There was hitting, kicking and even some naughty words yelled.  Elle's line was, "you're the stupidest, Gwen" and Gwen yelled her signature angry line, "you're wude, Elle".  It was all over a silly wind-up toy fish.  We only have one and they both wanted it.  To them, their worlds were ending.  I pried them apart (literally) and put them both in time-out.  After they mellowed out a bit we had "the talk".  You know, the follow-up talk after you get in trouble.  I remember this dreaded talk growing up.  I knew it well.  I talked to them about how lucky they were to have eachother.  That they were being mean to their best friend...the friend they would have forever. We talked about taking turns and then it happened, I pulled the most dreaded mom-maneuver EVER.  Their eyes were wandering while I was giving my speech and I said, "look at me".  Oh, how I hated that when I was getting in trouble!  Wow. Who am I? I may have given birth 3 times but when that line came out of my mouth, I officially became a mom.  I am still laughing about it.  I must admit however, it did seem to work.  They hugged and l even got them laughing. As I was getting the girls to bed later last night I heard Elle say to Gwen, "I love being your sister" and Gwen repeated that back to her in her mumbled 2 year old speech.  I melted.