Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time to Heal

My little Gwen has been going through some pretty severe withdrawals from coming off of so many drugs.  She was sedated for 6 days so it just takes time to free her body of the drugs' effects.  She was calm but stayed awake for over 40 hours and her little body could not stop shaking.  This morning she is doing much better and is smiling.  We are trying to get her to eat on her own.  Her ribs and broken arm and elbow are not seeming to bother her too much at this point.  The burn team still comes in each day to clean her roadrash and it is healing nicely.  We are hopeful that we can take her home with us in the next few days.  I held her on my chest like this for hours on end yesterday. There is nothing more peaceful than your baby in your arms.  Gwen just needs time now to heal.  We all do.