Friday, July 18, 2008

Little Friends

One of the cutest things for me to see as a mom has been my girls developing little friendships.  Meet Miss Malia.  She is Gwen's partner in crime.  My friend Christy (Malia's mom) has 2 girls that are the same ages as Elle and Gwen.  These little girls do almost everything together.  I had Malia over yesterday and it was so cute to watch the two of them interact.  Whenever they see eachother they run straight into a hug.  Together they are learning to not hit and to share and they laugh at almost anything.  They are learning the art of friendship.  One of my favorite lines from Winnie the Pooh is when Pooh says to Christopher Robbin, "The best part of the day is when you and me become we".  I think that sums-up these two little buddies.