Thursday, March 27, 2008

Training Wheels

Last summer for Elle's 3rd birthday, Jon gave her a tricycle (the first picture above).  It is the cutest thing ever.  She has LOVED it!  We were watching Elle ride around on it in the front yard and I mentioned something about a two wheeler for Elle.  That was the end of the conversation but I should have known better.  A few days later, Jon came home and had Elle go out to the front yard and close her eyes.  She was so excited thinking he maybe brought her a lollipop or some licorice.  Instead of opening her eyes to candy, she opened them up to a new hot pink two wheeler with training wheels.  She was thrilled but also surprisingly nervous.  He took her down to the path next to our house and was so patient with her as he taught her how to use the brakes and to steer.  Gwen is excited she doesn't have to fight for her turn on the tricycle.  Elle has had the bike now for a few days.  Jon came home from work early tonight so that he could take Elle down to the park to ride it where it is flat.  This is what I love about him...he gets it.  It's really not about the material things in the long run.  Some day she probably won't remember the color of the bike or how it sparkles in the sun.  What she will remember is the time that her dad spent with her as she rode it.  How blessed our little girls are to have such a sweet daddy.