Saturday, March 22, 2008

One More Sleep

We measure days around our house in terms of "sleeps".  How many times do we have to go to bed before...whatever fun thing is coming up.  Elle and Gwen are excited for the Easter Bunny's visit to our home.  Elle woke up this morning and asked, "how many more sleeps until the Easter Bunny comes to our house"?  I was happy to report, "only one more sleep"!  She knew it was soon because yesterday one of my favorite friends, Heather, had an Easter Egg Hunt at her home.  Elle loved looking for the eggs and Gwen was perfectly content to sit in the shade and devour all the yummy sweets.  Gwen opened the eggs and ate the candy just as fast as Elle could find them.  We have a busy day today and lots of things are on my to-do list to get ready for tomorrow.  However, there is one important thing that Elle will NOT let me forget.  We have to stop at the grocery store to get the Easter Bunny carrots and hot chocolate.  According to Elle, the Easter Bunny will be sad if he doesn't have both.  He loves hot chocolate, right?